Professional Pond, Fountain, and Waterfall Installation

It’s amazing how much you can change the look and feel of your yard with a picturesque waterfall or pond. Outdoor water features bring a tranquil, natural ambiance to any garden or terrace.

Colourscape Inc. is one of the most experienced pond installation companies in the area. Our licensed design team has been installing garden waterfalls, ponds, and fountains for decades. We’ve even designed and constructed full-size lakes.

Pond, waterfall and fountain installation requires careful design and construction for everything to work just right. You can trust Colourscape to create magnificent custom water features that will enhance your landscape, attract birds and wildlife, and provide a cooling effect for our Houston heat.

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Waterfall and Pond Designs by Colourscape

Check out the gallery to see landscape images that include backyard ponds and waterfalls as well as custom fountains created by the Colourscape design team.